>Vina Morales – NANGANAK NA!


Popular showgirl and singer sensation Vina Morales delivered a bouncing 6.9 lbs baby girl named CEANA at 8.47 AM, April 25, 2009 at the Cardinal Santos Memorial Medical Center. The name Ceana is a combination of the baby’s father Cedric and Vina and its literal meaning is “God is gracious”.

Correct me if I am wrong but I never heard or read that Cedric and Vina got married. If it is true that Cedric Lee is indeed a married man, Ceana will never have a complete family or live like a normal child should be. Many of her fans idolize Vina but she is a bad influence or not a good role model. She wants to show to the world that it is okay to have a child out of marriage. I do not know whether Vina is a victim here or not.

Anyway, a mistake cannot be corrected by another mistake. I salute Vina for keeping Ceana. I hope them well!

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