>Only A Pinoy Would Know


This poem was emailed to me by a friend. If you are a Pinoy, you would certainly understand these:

You are the…

Apple of my eye

Mango of my pie

Palaman of my tinapay

Niyog on my kalamay.

You are the…

Ipin of my suklay

Ring on my kamay

Blood of my atay

Bubbles of my laway.

You are the …

Roof of my bahay

Strength of my tulay

Joy of my tagumpay

Dream of my Nanay.

You are the…

Ube in my monay

Patis in my gulay

Toyo in my siomai

Calcium in my kalansay.

You are the…

Buhol of my tie

Bituin of my sky

Beauty of my Tagaytay

Ketchup on my french fry.

You are the….

Wings when I fly

Wind when I paypay

Sipit for my sampay

Tungkod when I am pilay.

You are the…

Shoulder when I cry

Cure to my”aray”

Answer as to “why”I am nangi-ngisay.

You are the…

Love until I die

In short, you are

The Center Of My Buhay.

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