>YEHEY! I WON P480,000.00!!


That’s what the text message I received this early morning. Of course, I was not overjoyed because I know it is a big SCAM. In fact, I was angry because it ruined my sleep. In the office, I opened again the message and this is what it says :

“V-PRES CHARITY FOUNDATION. Congrat’s. Ur sim# is 3rd lucky winner today 19Apr 2009’u winP480,000.00 DTINCR#1920 4mre info? Pls,call me now. i’m Sec. Arthuro Yap”

For ordinary citizen who knew it is a scam, they will just ignore this text message and delete it. But not ME. I sent a text message to my cousin in the NBI and inform her of this scam, either to apprehend the culprit or at the very least, block his/her sim card.

By the way, the cellphone number of this manloloko is +63 9085487037. BEWARE!!

One response to “>YEHEY! I WON P480,000.00!!

  1. >Congratulations! You have been scammed! hahahahaha

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