>Well, the Australian Citizenship Test for me is over. I took it yesterday and passed, with 1 mistake out of 20 questions or 95%.The thing is the one that I answered incorrectly haunts me. I could make a 100%.

My advice to those who will sit the test, read the first 7 pages. 30% of the test will come from the priviliges, responsibilities and values of Australian citizenships. I cannot reveal you the questions. I have done my part of reading the book and I wish you do the same. Good Luck!


2 responses to “>I’VE MADE IT

  1. >Congrats on passing the test! In an earlier post you said something about sharing practice questions, any chance of that happening?

  2. >To openidylw,I made a sample test but it’s on my computer in sydney. I will post it when I return to sydney at the end of this month.Pons

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