>Machine Readerable Passport – Part 2

>On 14 August 2008, the “Embassy on Wheel” project of the Philippine Embassy in Riyadh extended its services in Jubail, Saudi Arabia at the Saudi Telecom Becah Camp. This was my second chance to renew my passport.

I arrived at the site at 6:05 AM but I was already No. 95 on the list. Unlike the Al Bustan Hotel chaotic situation 2 weeks ago, the atmosphere at STC Beach Camp was orderly. Those applying for renewal of passports were housed in an airconditioned function rooms with sofas.

Pero di pa rin maalis ang singitan. Meron pa ring makakapal ang mukha na sumisingit at may mga volunteer rin na pinapaboran ang kanilang mga kaibigan. Bakit ko nasabi? Kasi pang 95 ako sa listahan pero nang magbigayan na ng slip, number 104 na ako. Paano nangyari yon? Simple, nagrereserve ng mga numbers ang ilang volunteer para sa kanilang kaibigan at kakilala!

Overall, the system was much better than what happened in Al Khobar. I was comfortable throughout the day although I spent 9 hours there. KUDOS to the volunteers who facilitated this service – the Filipino Community in Jubail and the World Sikaran, to name a few.

But I heard, this was not the situation the day after, 15 August 2008.


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