>2 Jokes for Father


Lady: Father, ang gwapo at cute mo naman! Bakit ka pa kasi nagpari? (Gosh Father, you are cute and handsome! Why did you become a priest?)
Priest: Dahil ayaw pumayag ng magulang ko na magmadre ako! Bruha! ( Because my parents did not want me to become a nun! You witch!)


Sa prusisyon. ( In a church procession)

Pari: Ang mga boys, sunod sa karo ni San Jose , mga girls, sa karo ni Mama Mary.
Priest: Boys, follow the float of St. Joseph…. girls , to Mother Mary’s.

Bakla: Kami father, saan kami susunod?
Gay: Father, whom shall we follow?

Pari: Mga bruha! Follow me!
Priest: You Witches! Follow me!

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