>Australian Citizenship Test

>To be granted Australian citizenship by conferral, permanent residents of Australia should pass the Citizenship Test formulated by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. It is a 45 minutes computer generated test consisting of 20 multiple choice questionsThe applicant must correctly answer 60% of the questions INCLUDING answering 3 questions on the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship correctly. Does it mean YOU FAILED if you correctly answer 19 of the 20 questions and the incorrect happens to be 1 of the 3 questions about responsibilities and privileges? It could be. But I guess that DIAC will give more than 3 questions about responsibilities and privileges. If not, the test is INSANE.

I prepared a practice test for the Australian Citizenship test. The format is different from the actual test given by DIAC because I am not a programmer to simulate their test. This test serves as a review for those preparing for the test. The test is halfway finished but I am committed to make it through.

I have not yer taken the citizenship test because I am still not eligible to take it because I still lack the required residency. I am just wondering if I can take the test now and apply for citizenship later. I do not know also whether the result of the test has expiration date.

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