>Mind Your Own Business


MYOB or Mind Your Own Business is the name of one of the most popular accounting softwares here in Australia. It is commonly used in small to medium scale businesses. I tried to enrol at TAFE (Technical And Further Education) in Mt Druitt for an Introduction course in MYOB last week but the course was cancelled because of few enrollees. What I did next was to order a book entitled “MYOB Training in a Book” from MYOB website. It will be a self-teaching book and I will sit for an assessment after I finished reading and doing all the assigned tasks.

Sana naman ay matuto ako kahit na self-study lang.


One response to “>Mind Your Own Business

  1. >hello sir,just want to share the website regarding myob setup.http://freecomputertraining.com.au/elearning/course/index.phpi am also planning to take MYOB course in tafe but having second thought due to possible class cancellation. i hope you could give some feedback on the MYOB book you posted. i would like to consider other option to learn the MYOB.salamat po.

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