That’s “Happy New Year” in Mandarin! Tomorrow, 07 February 2008, is the start of the Chinese New Year. 2008 is the Year of the Rat.

My sister is a believer of feng shui, chinese charms and crystals. Today, she advised me to buy 8 different kinds of sweet and round fruits and to put them in our table until tomorrow. Nothing to lose, I purchased a pineapple, a mandarin, an orange, an apple, a melon, a ripe mango, a peach and a bunch of green grapes. These fruits symbolise wealth and prosperity. I also bought a piece of rice cake and “kakanin” from the Filipino store in the Mall. The stickiness of the cake and its sweetness is for the maintenance of sweet and sticky relationship in the family.

Here in Australia, particularly in Parramatta where we live, the local government and the Chinese community organised a Twilight Noodle Market at Prince Alfred Park where everyone has a chance to taste Chinese foods especially different kind of noodles.

Pupunta kami at nang makakain ng pancit canton, bihon, miki, lomi at kung anu-ano pang noodles. Ewan ko lang kung kakayanin ng bulsa ko kasi may bayad! Hindi kaya magkabuhol-buhol ang mga noodles na ito sa aking katawan.


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