Our office boy – Mohammed C.P. – took the honey that the bees are making in the bougainvillae plant infront of our office. As a result, the bees were disturbed and went separate ways. Initially, they began to form a beehive again on the big trunk of the tree in the middle of our office. However, one of our Indian workers took the queen (which I failed to photograph) and placed it on another tree. But the bees did not hear the buzzing sound of the queen. They sticked on the walls of our office kitchen and on the truck of the big tree. Overnight, most of them died maybe because of the cold climate. It rained last night and continued until today.

Takaw naman kasi noong teaboy namin. Kakaunti pa naman yong pulupukyutan ay inupakan na. Mabuti nga at hindi siya pinagkakagat ng mga bubuyog.


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