> (The man in the photo is Mr. World 2007, Juan Garcia Postigo from Spain. I acknowledge the owner of this photo)

Beware ladies! Male beauty contests are sprouting like mushrooms not only in the Philippines but around the world. Now, beauty products and beauty regiments are not only for the ladies. Men are more beauty and physique – conscious. They are seen in spas and other beauty centers and in the gyms to enhance their physical characteristics.

Joining beauty contests for men is also a stairway to stardom. Men join in to “promote” themselves. Talent scouts are audience of these beauty contests. Some became known and famous. Others’ stars wane after exposing themselves to the world.

Gayunpaman, handa pa rin ang mga Pilipino at mga kalalakihan na kalakalin ang kanilang mga katawan upang maging sikat na artista at modelo. Ito na kasi ang pinakamabilis na paraan upang makilala at sumikat. Kesehodang ibandila nila ang kani-kanilang ari-arian sa madla.

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